About Us
Festival Services:

We specialize in festivals, and offer services in these areas
Production Management Contracting

We provide production services designed to help you produce a professional and successful event. We will work with you from site design through the cleanup of your event.
  • Site Design

We will work with you to develop a new site plan, or to improve an existing one. Our scaled CAD maps can be used or work maps, promotional materials, handouts, and permit applications.

  • Permits

We will work with you to help obtain required permits such as fire, health, electrical, city, or special event, and make sure your event is in compliance with local, city and state regulations.

  • Equipment & Services

We will work with you to help determine what equipment or services your event may need, and what the costs are. We will coordinate and schedule with suppliers, and oversee the installation and dismantle of equipment and services. Equipment & services commonly used at festivals include; tents, canopies, booths, furniture, stages, sound, lighting, decorations, fence, signs, banners, electrical, water, sanitation, communications, and security, as well as many event specific items.

  • Site Management

We will provide site management to coordinate and manage specific areas of your event, such as load in, load out, exhibitors, food vendors, sponsors, etc. We will remain on site during festival hours, to troubleshoot as needed.

We offer a wide range of management services designed to help reduce your work load and staff, so you can spend more time developing your event.
  • Budgets

We will work with you to help develop budgets, establish price guidelines for your booths, exhibit space, and other areas, as well as work with contractors, suppliers and service companies, to be sure you are getting the best deal.

  • Applications & Contracts

We will develop exhibitor and vendor applications and contracts, as well as help establish rules and regulations for participants of your event.

  • Space Sales & Management

We will sell your exhibit space, and coordinate everything from start to finish, with your exhibitors.

  • Sponsorship

We will work with you to develop sponsorship packages, help bring in sponsors and then coordinate details and needs of sponsors.

  • Event Review & Analysis

We will look at your event and write up a post event review, with comments and suggestions to improve the efficiency, profitability and safety of your event.

We will act as an event service contractor, and can bring in all the equipment and services required to put on your event, oversee the installation and dismantle of equipment and services, and provide you with a single itemized invoice for everything. We work with many suppliers and subcontractors, and receive volume discounts with all of them.
  • Equipment & Services

We will be your single contact for equipment & services, so you are not dealing with multiple companies.

  • Exhibitor Services

We will develop an exhibitor service package which will make equipment and services available to all your exhibitors at no cost to show management. This can include tents & canopies, furniture, pipe & drape, electrical service, and much more. It just depends on the needs of your exhibitors and your event.